Our Vision


We emphasize sustainable design, vibrant communities, and places designed for all the people who use them- from the youngest citizens to the oldest, across all economic boundaries, and all ability levels.

We envision healthy communities.  We recognize that the design of a community affects the lifestyle choices, and therefore, the health of its citizens.



We collaborate with a team of creative people- artists, architects, landscape designers, environmental experts, interior designers, and visionaries- to achieve your vision.

Unique streetlamp fits in with the neighborhood style.

A streetlight gets an upgrade to fit the style of its Barcelona neighborhood.

Each project and situation is unique. Anything- a perimeter fence, a parking lot, a retention pond- should be more than just minimally functional.  Each element should be designed to fit with your vision for your project

We are inspired by natural materials and repurposed spaces.  We envision living spaces, both home and community, filled with beauty and natural elements.

A stone street with inset pattern

A stone design turns a street into a work of art. Girona, Spain