Beautifully Accessible

Accessibility is a word we hear a lot in the design and construction world.   The American with Disabilities Act was a great victory for those with disabilities, but the benefits reach far beyond helping those with physical disabilities.  Accessibility- making places usable for people with limited mobility- can be beautiful and convenient for everyone.

A beautiful barrier free shower that anyone would want.

A beautiful barrier free shower that anyone would want.

Initially accessible buildings had a sterile, hospital like look-



Or were just not pretty-


Things have certainly changed!


A traditional style bathroom with wheelchair accessible shower stall. Photo from Architectural Digest.

Another trend driving better design is the “Aging in place” movement.   Baby boomers want their homes to age with them- to meet future mobility needs but look beautiful now.  The design world has caught up to the law and current demand, so accessible places can now be as beautifully designed as any other.   Grab bars come in many finishes and styles, safer flooring choices now look like any other, and smart home technology allows hands free room controls.

In the upcoming months I want to highlight some options that anyone would want in their home.  Accessible, functional, beautiful.

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